Two Worlds Consulting has developed a Reconciliation Action Plan that expresses our values and principles related to our work alongside Indigenous peoples and sets out activities we will implement to advance reconciliation.

The people at TWC understand that Indigenous groups have an inextricable relationship with their respective traditional territories and have been an integral part of local ecosystems since time immemorial. Indigenous groups have demonstrated repeatedly that, if people take care of the land, the land will take care of the people. Through our work, TWC sets out to reaffirm the constitutional rights that Indigenous peoples have in Canada and across the world. To that end, we seek to operate within and be guided by the principles of reconciliation, recognizing the consequences of our collective history and the ever-greater importance of self-determination for Indigenous groups. At TWC we are dedicated to building strong partnerships between industry and Indigenous groups and to work alongside Indigenous peoples as they shape decisions that affect their traditional territories.

As part of our work to reaffirm the constitutional rights of Indigenous peoples and navigate towards reconciliation, the people at TWC understand the importance and impact western knowledge and Indigenous knowledge can have when used together. Western knowledge and Indigenous knowledge represent two ways of understanding the world around us. Our goal at TWC is to use our team’s expertise in engagement and research, to bring the two views together to complement each other.

Image of two birds from British Columbia