Human and Community Well-being

TWC undertakes socio-economic studies for proponents, Indigenous Nations, and government to assess positive and negative effects to local communities. We work with our clients to include the study of trade flows and the potential effects on regional economies, and efforts to communicate the costs and benefits of the project to different levels of government and to industry.

TWC studies the direct, indirect, and induced effects related to GDP, employment, labour income, and government revenues. Collected information such as education levels and types of businesses is useful in determining how to maximize local benefits.

TWC has extensive experience conducting socio-economic assessments in a regulatory context. TWC’s approach is designed to meet impact assessment requirements of the provincial, territorial and federal governments. We consider both positive and negative effects brought on by the project, conduct gender-based analysis (GBA+), and assess impacts to sustainability for future generations.

TWC engages with communities and industry to deploy surveys, censuses, studies, programs and policies that support communities needs. Our team understands that Human and Community Well-being Research is essential for understanding impacts and effects on communities. TWC identifies and plans socio-economic field work that includes establishing what information currently exists and where information gaps are present. TWC will work with Indigenous Nations, stakeholders, and proponents on data collection giving special attention to recognizing differences in identity factors.

Environmental Planning

The TWC’s Environmental Planning team has extensive experience implementing environmental management standards. We work with our clients to successfully develop and implement planning and mitigation strategies to meet regulatory requirements. Our multi-disciplinary team seeks to maximize efficiency while assessing risks and minimizing adverse effects. TWC’s regulatory experience helps to make sure your Project planning meets provincial and federal standards while providing the most up-to-date regulatory guidance.

We use our extensive experience to offer technical and regulatory support to proponents and Indigenous Nations by:

  • Providing expert advise in navigating the regulatory processes across jurisdictions
  • Preparing impact assessment reports and supporting Indigenous Nations in conducting their own impact assessments
  • Meaningfully integrating Indigenous Knowledge and value in impact assessments
  • Assessing cumulative effects
  • Developing effective mitigation and monitoring plans

Project timelines are often dependent on the procurement of permits. TWC offers support to clients in identifying and acquiring necessary permits and approvals that comply with federal, provincial and territorial regulations within project timelines. TWC brings expert level working knowledge of environmental permitting processes.

Having worked extensively with clients on projects that require regulatory compliance, TWC has a deep understanding of the intricacies and nuances of regulatory requirements. TWC works with proponents and Indigenous Nations, providing guidance and support in navigating federal and provincial regulatory processes. TWC has also provided strategic advice to federal and provincial agencies on updates to impact assessment regulatory guidance material and processes.