Deanna Higginson

BSc, MNRES, R.P. Bio

Technical Lead, Lands & Culture

Deanna Higginson is a Technical Lead, Lands & Culture, with a strong background in socio-environmental, engagement, and regulatory-related services. She is responsible for fostering technical excellence and best practices to help support the successful delivery of projects, and the strategic growth of TWC's Lands & Culture service area and team. Deanna is passionate about working at the interface of Indigenous Knowledge and western science, and has given presentations and papers on the subject. From community-based Indigenous Knowledge and Use studies to collaboratively preparing environmental assessments with Indigenous Nations, Deanna has acted as a technical lead and reviewer for several different types of cross-cultural projects. Deanna's experience spans a variety of sectors (e.g., mining, public, transportation, oil and gas, and renewable energy), regulatory jurisdictions (e.g., BC EAO, YESAB, IAAC, VFPA's PER) and areas (e.g., British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alberta, Ontario, Washington State).