Human Environment

Jennifer Sylliboy

Jennifer Sylliboy is a Mi'kmaw from Nova Scotia (the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq People), and is a Lands & Culture Specialist at TWC. In her role, Jennifer is guided by her lived experience as an Indigenous person, and experience working with First Nations, industry and government groups to provide technical direction on projects using a Two-Eyed Seeing Approach, incorporating Indigenous Knowledge and western science into project deliverables. Jennifer's expertise includes Two-Eyed Seeing, Indigenous knowledge research, fisheries governance, wetlands, and aquatic research to advance stewardship.

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Jessica Lansfield

Jessica Lansfield is a Senior Engagement Facilitator with TWC, and holds over 15 years of experience in community engagement, research, and strategic planning across various sectors. Jessica’s role focuses on relationship building, Engagement processes, and collaborative strategic planning. Jessica is an attentive communicator and group facilitator, skilled in comprehensive research, analysis, and planning. She assists groups and organizations that are navigating multiple variables and perspectives to create pathways forwar

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