Julie Waine

Julie Waine is a Métis woman and member of the Métis Nation of Alberta. As a Social Scientist with TWC, Julie utilizes Indigenous Knowledge and western science to contribute to impact assessments, technical reports, and regulatory advice. Julie’s background includes projects related to environmental site assessments, traditional land use, and First Nations land claims. Julie’s expertise includes Indigenous consultation, environmental sciences, Indigenous research methods, archival research, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Kyle Hilsendager

Kyle Hilsendager is the Technical Lead for Reconciliation at TWC, and also serves as Chair of the TWC Reconciliation Committee. He is a member of ‘Namgis First Nation and is motivated by a strong interest in the land and resource management challenges that affect Indigenous communities. Kyle has extensive experience representing Indigenous interests on projects relating to Reconciliation, land management and natural resource development. He has also spent over ten years teaching and developing curriculum at the post-secondary level, and has years of experience working directly with First Nations students

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Linda Epp

Linda Epp is the Senior Indigenous Engagement Facilitator at TWC. She is a member of the Sechelt Nation. Linda supports and advances TWC's Indigenous Engagement services, participates in the development of Engagement methods and facilitates workshops with Indigenous Nations, governments and industries. Linda works closely with other members of the TWC team to provide quality service to clients, and support and advance TWC's short-term and long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies for sustainability and growth. Linda is a motivated and empathic leader, respected public speaker and has spent much of her life working to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives. Her trainings and certifications include Indigenous Awareness, Trauma Informed Practice, Foundations in Violence Against Women, Collaborative Conflict Resolution, Indigenous Cultural Competency, and First Nations Cultural Certificate.

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