Julie Waine

Julie Waine is a Métis woman and member of the Métis Nation of Alberta. As a Social Scientist with TWC, Julie utilizes Indigenous Knowledge and western science to contribute to impact assessments, technical reports, and regulatory advice. Julie’s background includes projects related to environmental site assessments, traditional land use, and First Nations land claims. Julie’s expertise includes Indigenous consultation, environmental sciences, Indigenous research methods, archival research, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Melanie Demers

Melanie Demers is a Lands & Culture Specialist at TWC. She is a Kanyen’kehá:ka member of Six Nations and is Québecois. Melanie is a technical resource on reconciliation projects and regulatory services at TWC. Her past experiences as an author, facilitator, researcher, and consultant have strengthened her ability to present results and perform quantative and qualitative data analysis in many contexts. Melanie is passionate about the application of Two-Eyed Seeing in her work with Indigenous nations, and she values community, collaboration, and lifelong learning.

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Nina Barton

Nina Barton is the Technical Lead for Social Impact Assessment at Two Worlds Consulting. With more than 18 years of diverse experience in social and environmental impact assessment, research, planning and management, Nina has led project-based and strategic impact assessments in BC and other jurisdictions in Canada. Nina has worked closely with Indigenous Nations, industry and government to support the responsible development of transportation projects, mines, renewable energy projects, utilities, oil and gas projects and port developments. Nina’s passion is to help improve well-being for people, communities and the environmen

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